The Mann-Tatlow Collection is made up mostly of ceramic forms and vessels. These objects present a wonderful diversity of forms, many of which are beautifully decorated with a variety of different textures, glazes, colours, painted images and patterns. Of great significance to Wollongong Art Gallery is the potential for the collection to introduce visitors to Asian cultures.

Funerary objects are well represented, including a Chinese pottery figure of a horse from the Western Han Dynasty. South East Asian Export objects include qingbai and celadon ware - elegantly formed shallow dishes, lidded vessels, ewers and jars with tiny lug handles. Earthy toned simple pots and jars including a Thai Neolithic Ban Chiang pot dated c.300-200 B.C., contrast well with Imperial Taste - graceful porcelain vase and bowl forms, delicately decorated with dragons, lotus, symbols, scrolls, patterns and flowers in shades of turquoise and cobalt blue.

The collection also includes some items of furniture including two pairs of Chinese Ming style huang huali horseshoe armchairs, an open cabinet, a pair of matching Chinese Qing Dynasty’s Zhu’tan cabinets with dragon designs, and a late Qing altar table.

Brilliantly decorated bowls, dishes, and lidded boxes in the traditional Japanese Imari style are also included in the collection. They feature intricate designs and images depicting peonies, chrysanthemums and other exotic flowers, the phoenix and other birds, people and patterns.