EXHIBITIONS / Comic Gong at the Gallery

​​​​​Saturday 11 May 10am-4pm



9 - 12 May 

Gallery foyer 

Artist Vince Vozzo explores his childhood memories of heroes and celebrity icons, creating amorphous sculptural forms where Elvis, Mickey Mouse, Superman and Marilyn Monroe all frolic in the same space. 

Comic gong 

cosplay competitions 

From Batman to Sailor Moon, Scooby Doo to Disney Princesses, your favourite characters can be seen at the Comic Gong Cosplay Competition. Cosplay, costume play, is the art of dressing up in self-made costumes and accessories to represent a character from a comic book, video game or popular culture. So dress up and join in, or come and cheer on, as a range of competition categories will be running throughout the day.

Image: Cosplay, Comic Gong 2018