​30 June - 17 September

Gallery 2, Mercury Gallery

Official opening Saturday 1 July at 1.30pm

Round is an artist-led exhibition by mid-career artists whose practices include painting, sculpture, construction, installation and video, incorporating diverse media, materials and colour. The artists’ work examines ‘roundness’—exploring interpretations of circularity, curvature, bending— through exploration of shape, space and colour. Round highlights the problems, questions and answers of individual art practice, whilst collectively reflecting broader themes and subjects of popular culture, current affairs and global politics. 

Artists: Andrew Christofides, Richard Dunn, Lynne Eastaway, Daniel Hollier, Pollyxenia Joannou, Lisa Jones, Tom Loveday, Hilarie Mais, Dani Marti, Al Munro, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Jacky Redgate and Nuha Saad. Coordinated by Lisa Jones and Tom Loveday.


Wednesday 5 August 11.00am-12.00
Lisa Jones, Tom Loveday and Eugenie Raskopoulos will discuss the exhibition theme, the works on display and their own art practices. Free all welcome.

Image: Richard DUNN, Parts of Speech #2, noun, 2021, digital print, 40cm. Edition of 3 +1AP.