until  28 April 2019

BlueScope Gallery

In celebration of the Gallery's Ruby Anniversary, the BlueScope Gallery will be transformed into a  space filled with affecting works with blushes of red works from the Collection. Works evoking sensations of warmth, passion and desire.  

Including paintings and works on paper by Annette Bezor, John Coburn, Fred Cress, Lawrence Daws, Lesley Dumbrell, Lise Floistad, Fiona Foley, John Havilah, Col Jordan, Lindy Lee, Suzie Marston, Janie Nakamarra, Susan Norrie, John Peart and Andrew Sibley.

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Image: Col Jordan, Weave, 1979, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 150x150cm. Gift of Freehill, Holingdale and Page, 1989