​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ArtistTalkEvents.jpgAll Gallery ​Public Programs bookings will be processed through Eventbrite. If you have any problems using Eventbrite​, please contact either Julie Danilov 4227 8506 or Joanne Duncan on 4227 ​8502.​​


​ORNAMENTAL Celebrating 15 years of the Mann-Tatlow Collection​ of Asian Art​

​Curator's Floor Talk with Dr Jackie Menzies

Wednesday 7 February 11am-12noon
Jackie Menzies, Emeritus Curator of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney and President of the Asian Arts Society of Australia will offer new insights into the cultural background of Asian pieces in the much loved Mann-Tatlow Collection.  The presentation will focus on pieces of special interest while providing details on topics as diverse as the derivation of shapes and motifs, auspicious symbols, Chinese and Japanese cultural practices, and the glimpses offered into the lives and interactions of people long past.  Free all welcome.

Asia in a few Words with Linda Jaivin, Luise Guest, Laurens Tan

Saturday 7 April 1.30-3.30pm
A panel discussion with writers, Linda Jaivin, Luise Guest and artist Laurens Tan about the transcultural in art, about working across China, USA and Australia and the narrative spaces of art and literature in the Asian Century.  Followed by an open mic, poets responding to the theme 'Asian Stories' with MC, SCWC Director, Rike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis.

The South Coast Writers Centre is seeking submissions on the theme 'Asian Stories'. Send poetry (up to 40 lines) and prose (up to 500 words) to admin@southcoastwriters.org.au before Monday 26 March 2018.  $5 submission fee. Contact Rike at SCWC on 4228 0151


​Junior Art Trail

10am-10.45am on Friday 9 February, 9 March & 13 April, 11 May
A fun tour through the Gallery, designed for ages 3-5 years.  Children will explore art works through story-telling, art making, songs and games with the Junior Art Trail team. Cost $5 per child.  Book online at www.eventbrite.com.au (search Wollongong Art Gallery)

The Full Spectrum with Dr Sally Gray

Wednesday 4 April 11am-12noon
When Sally Gray was a young humanities student she read Robin Boyd's very influential book - on Australian architecture and taste - 'The Australian Ugliness'.  Boyd advocated avoiding coloured 'features' in interior and exterior architecture.  Wondering what the fuss was about Sally set out to understand why full spectrum colour was associated with the ideas of 'bad taste'.  Later as a curator and cultural historian she began to see fear of colour as a form of cultural limitation, almost like xenophobia.  Sally will discuss the political and cultural implications of colour avoidance or what David Batchelor has called 'Chromophobia'.​
Free all welcome.
The Full Spectrum with Dr Sally Gray.pdf

Readings and Music in Colour

Saturday 9 June 1.30pm-3.30pm
Like a painting, stories can be full of colours, influencing the way we think about real and imagined worlds.  Selected SCWC Writers will read a short work and reveal how colour influenced this piece, followed by Music performances of 'colour' themed music by the Wollongong Conservatorium Jazz Combo, and open mic.  Cost: gold coin donation.

SCWC invites writers to the open mic where they can present short stories or poems of colour (mx. 2min)

Writing competitions: Submit a poem, short fiction or non-fiction that uses colour in an imaginative, yet concrete way.  Entries no longer than 300 works.  $5 per entry.  Email admin@southcoastwriters.org.au.  Winning entry will receive a 'Writer's Survival Kit'.  Submissions close: 1 June 2018

THE GATHERING - Indigenous Works from the Collection 

Chico Monks Artist Talk

​Wednesday 7 March 11am-12noon
Indigenous artist and education Chico Monks will discuss his art practice and his works on display in The Gathering.  These works invite the viewer to relive and connect to the traditional symbology of the shield, integrating the modern medium of comic book illustration to draw it into the present, thus reminding the viewer that battles are not over.  Free, all welcome

Peter Hewitt Artist Talk

Wednesday 7 march 1pm-1.30pm
Through his work local Indigenous artist and educator Peter Hewitt outlines a personal perspective that encourages discourse and raises inquiries about accepted Indigenous identity labels and provides a multi-textual standpoint as both an Aboriginal person and urban-based abstract painter.  Peter will discuss his current painting practice and work on display in The Gathering.  Free, all welcome.

Warwick Keen Artist Talk

Wednesday 7 March 1.30pm-2pm
Local Indigenous artist Warwick will speak about the development of the designs for the Cultural Conversations mural on the Eastern side of the Gallery building and his role as artist/teacher as well as current art practices and other public art projects that he has been involved in.

His large text based mural Cultural Conversations created for Wollongong Art Gallery's 40th Anniversary celebrations through Wollongong City Council's Public Art Program is a new, exciting and powerful artwork in the city that reflects the region's important Indigenous history, the essential role of art and culture in the community and the Gallery's role as a major regional cultural centre.  Free, all welcome

Black Wallaby Indigenous Writers' Night

Thursday 3 May 6-8.30pm 

Book launch of Dreaming Inside Volume 6, Readings by Black Wallaby Writers, Aboriginal Art Auction.  Black Wallaby Writers, Aunty Barbara Nicholson and John Muk Muk Burke, and guest writers Lachlan McPherson and Gabrielle Journey Jones will be reading from the latest issue, highlighting Indigenous voices from within prison.  Refreshments provided.  All welcome.
Cost $5.

Presented in partnership with South Coast Writers Centre and Sydney Writers Festival

Sharing Knowledge

Free Enrichment Program for Indigenous students
10am-2.30pm. Stage 1: Tuesday 1 May / Stage 2 & 3: Wednesday 2 May / Stage 4 & 5 Thursday 3 May / Stage 6: Friday 4 May.
Visual Arts and Aboriginal Education National Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week event.  A Partnership between Wollongong Art Gallery and Public Schools NSW Bookings and enquiries phone: (02) 42278506 or email: jdanilov@wollongong.nsw.gov.au 

Weaving Workshop

Sunday 11 March 12-4pm
Harness your creativity and inspiration while exploring fibre weaving.  Working with Indigenous artists Phyllis Stewart and Stephen Russell participants will explore basic weaving techniques while learning about Aboriginal ways of life.  This unique opportunity encourages participants to connect to their own heritage and leave the workshop inspired and mi​ndf​ul of the importance of caring for environment and community.​
Cost: TBC.   All materials and tools supplied.

​​DE​BRA DAWES Measure (ii)

International Women's Day: Power voice for Progress 
Readings at the Gallery

Thursday 8 March 11.30-1.00pm
Morning tea provided. Free all welcome

Writing Competition: SCWC will be accepting submissions of poetry (up to 40 lines) and prose (up to 750 words) on the topic of 'Progress' to admin@southcoastwrites.org.au. Cost: $500 to enter competition.  For further details phone (02) 42280151.

Student Workshops
Girls Empowerment Workshop - Free Enrichment Program
Year 10-12 Visual Art Students

Thursday 8 March 10.00am-3.00pm
Students will tour Debra Dawes' Measure (ii) exhibition and complete a related activity.  Artist/musician Trina Collins (aka Poncho Army) will speak about her own practice.   Students will design a work reinforcing themes discussed throughout the day.

Play with Patterns - Primary Students Enrichment Program

9.30-3.00pm - Year 1: Wednesday 21 March / Year 2: Wednesday 28 March
Students will tour the Debra Dawes exhibition and through various art making activities learn about shape, colour, scale and repetition.  Curriculum and syllabus links will be made between maths and visual arts: Cost: $40 per student
Bookings and enquiries phone: (02) 42278506 or email jdanilov@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

Junior Art Trail

Friday 11 May, 10.00am-10.45am
A fun tour through the Gallery, designed for ages 3-5 years.  Children will explore art work through story telling, art making, songs and games with the Junior Art Trail team.  Morning Tea in the toy kitchen: 10.45am to 11.15am.  Please bring your own packed morning tea to have in the Gallery at the end of the tour. Cost: $5.00.  Book online at www.eventbrite.com.au (search Wollongong Art Gallery). ​


Student Workshops HSC Visual Art Writing Workshop 
Thursday 14 June 10am-3pm 
These workshops are for Year 12 Visual Art Students and provide exciting theory lessons in a learning experience outside of the classroom environment.  Students will be studying artworks within our Red Alert! exhibition to enrich and inform their learning.  Students will also focus on strategies for answering Section 1 of the HSC Visual Arts paper.  Participants must bring their own morning tea and lunch. all other materials will be provided. Cost: $40 per student.

Red Alert! Free Excursion Package for Primary & Secondary Students

Students will tour the Red Alert! exhibition and discuss the symbolic nature that colour holds in various cultures and societies.  Students will also create a collaborative installation from red collected and found objects.  Duration: 1.5 hours (maximum)

For bookings and enquiries phone (02) 4227 8506 or email jdanilov@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

​Seeing Red! Acrylic Painting Workshop with Elspeth McCombe

Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July 12-4pm
Examine the power of the colour red in the Gallery's exhibition Red Alert! Using acrylic paint and pencil in an expressive, decorative or realistic way participants will produce a painting with a RED focus.  Cost: $100 / $90 Friends. All materials supplied.
Eventbrite link: Seeing Red! workshop​

Fine Wine and Film at the Gallery
with wine maker Geoff Burton and film maker David Roach.​

Sunday 1 July 3-6pm
Join us for a tasting of award winning Semillon, Shiraz and Rose of GUNDOG ESTATE presented by the wine maker (and cinematographer), Geoff Burton.  Geoff​ will be on hand to talk about his winery and answer all your questions.

This will be followed by a special screening of the acclaimed feature documentary, RED OBSESSION followed by a Q & A with filmmaker, David Roach.  Set against the stunning landscapes of Bordeaux and China, narrated by Russell Crowe, Red Obsession is the story two disparate and powerful cultures struggling to find common ground over their love of a rare and precious wine.  Free, all welcome.


Artist talk with Dr Julie Bartholomew

Wednesday 4 July 11-12noon
Julie Bartholomew's practice explores contemporary issues including consumer culture, particularly the relationship between female identity and global branding within the context of western and eastern cultures.  Her works on display in East Meets West were included in the Gallery's international travelling exhibition Zhongjian​: Midway alongside ell-know Chinese and Australian artists.  Dr Bartholomew is currently Head of Ceramics, Senior Lecturer, at ANU School of Art.  Free all welcome.

Eastern Inspiration watercolour and ink workshop with Ann Clarke

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 April 12-4pm
Discover the patterns, colours, motifs and cultural symbols of Asia to develop an ink and watercolour painting.  Participants will reference textiles and objects from Wollongong Art Gallery's East Meets West exhibition or bring your own favourite pieces/images to work from.  Suitable for beginners and experienced artists.  Cost: $120 / $110 Friends.  Materials​ Supplied.
Eventbrite link: Eastern Inspiration Workshop​


Comic Gong Cosplay Competitions
There will be a range of competition categories throughout the day for all ages.  For more information visit www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/library or www.facebook.com/comicgong

Draw Off

Come see artists Marcelo Baez and Matt Lin do a live character drawing, followed by a battle of art and wits as they show who is faster wit the pen!  Be part of the team and even have a go at the Comic inspired Pictionary!  For more information visits www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/library or www.facebook.com/comicgong.


Just Bob

Join us for a series of live events that explore the wold of Bronius Sredersas, migrant, steelworker and art benefactor.

Bronius (Bob) Sredersas was an unassuming man, whose generosity made a significant and lasting impact on the cultural landscape of this city.  His quiet existence as a steelwork and art collector in the send half of the 20th centre, belied a more dramatic past in his home country of Lithuania before and during the second World War.

This program of live performance, history talk and art appreciation, coincides with the opening of the Society of Histrionic Happening's The Gift exhibition installation, the gallery's 40th anniversary, and the centenary of Lithuanian independence.  Details of program released closer to the date.

​Cringila & Working Class High Art with Dr Joseph Davis​

Wednesday 5 September 11-12noon
without the wonderful Cringila steelworker Bob Sredersas there would likely not be a Wollongong Art Gallery.  Come and hear about Bob and the other organic intellectuals of the working class who helped make Cringila the birthplace of high art in the Illawarra.  Free all welcome.

Poetry and Art - Primary Students Enrichment Program

9.30-3pm. Year 3: 28 August / Year 4: 29 August / Year 5: 30 August / Year 6: 31 August
Students will tour The Gift - Bob Sredersas focussing on the positive contribution of migrants.  They will investigate different ways poets may approach an artwork, write a poem inspired by their favourite​ work, and complete a painting based on Sydney Long's Lakeside. Cost: $40 per student.  Bookings and enquiries phone (02042278506 or email jdanilov@wollongong.nsw.gov.au


Harold Cazneaux's 1904 Illawarra Holiday Snaps with Dr Joseph Davis 
Wednesday 4 July 1-2pm 
Joseph Davis' love of Thirroul Beach has enabled him to stumble on a whole cache of previously unknown early images of one of Australia's greatest photographers.  Come see the earliest examples of the proto-pictorialist school of photography at work in Illawarra.  Free all welcome.

Von Guerard's Apocalyptic Vision with John McPhee

​​Wednesday 6 June 1-2pm
Eugene von Guerard's paintings of the Australian landscape are seen by most of us as Arcadian views in which the grant houses of productive sheep stations are surrounded by net and productive gardens.  But all was not well in this Antipodean Arcady.  Was von Guerard aware when he painted Cabbage Tree Forest, American Creek, New South Wales, in 1860 that what he depicted might be an apocalyptic vision?  

John McPhee is an art historian, curator and author and former Deputy Director, National Gallery of Victoria.  He was the founding Curator, Australian Decorative Arts, and later Senior Curator, Australian Art, at the National Gallery of Australia, 1980-1992, and Deputy Director at the National Gallery of Victoria, 1992-1996.  He has curated numerous exhibitions and is the author of books on the colonial artists, John glover and Joseph Lycett.  Free all welcome.

Artist Talk with Garry Shead

Wednesday 6 June 11-12pm
Garry will talk about his art practice and works on display from his D H Lawrence series based on the novel Kangaroo, which was inspired by Lawrence's stay at Thirroul.  Free all welcome

Eugene von Guerard - Travelling artist, Collector and Cultural Broker with Dr Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilaski

Wednesday 1 August 1-2pm
Eugen von Guerards' sublime landscape paintings are trailblazers of romantic realism in 19th century Australia.   Little is known about von Guerard's work as a collector of Aboriginal artefacts for European museum collections and his creative interaction with Aboriginal people.

Dr Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis will explore von Guerard's cultural lens that was somewhat removed from the official colonial narratives at the time.  Free all welcome.

Things we want to know but forget to ask
(stories about the painted past and the precarious future)

with Sue Ballard, Christine Howe, Luke Johnson, Tess Barber, Jo Law, Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis, Aunty Barb Nicholson, Catherine McKinnon
Join Illawarra writers as they come together to read short works (or excerpts from longer works) inspired by paintings from the Jewels in the Crown exhibition.  These diverse writers of fiction and non fiction are interested in the land and waterways of the Illawarra, in the relationships between humans and other species, in wind, weather and waste, and the changing nature of life on this planet.  They will read in situ with the painting that inspired their writing.  Afternoon tea provided. Free all welcome

Junior Art Trail

10am-10.45am. Friday 8 June / 12 July /10 August
A fun tour through the Gallery, designed for ages 3-5 years.  Children will explore art works through story telling, art making, songs and games with the Junior Art Trail team.  Morning tea in the toy kitchen: 10.45am to 11.15am.  Please bring your own packed morning tea to have in the Gallery at the end of the tour. Cost: $5.00.  Book online at www.eventbrite.com.u (search Wollongong Art Gallery)

Student Workshops

HSC Visual Art Writing workshop for Year 12

Thursday 14 June, 10am-3pm
Students will study works in the Jewels in the Crown exhibition and focus on strategies for answering Section 1 of the HSC Visual Arts paper.  Participants must bring their own morning tea and lunch. Cost: $40 per student.  Al materials provided.

A Sense of Place - Primary Students Enrichment Program

9.30-3pm. Year 1: Wednesday 15 August / Year 2: Wednesday 22 August
Students will tour the Jewels in the Crown exhibition focusing on themes of home and place, followed by drawing and painting activities to explore and document their own interpretations and complete​ a work on canvas.  Cost: $40 per student.

For bookings and enquiries phone (02) 42278506 or email jadnilov@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

IAVA ARTISTS' TALKS at the Gallery

​​IAVA is a group of highly accomplished artists with networks of like-minded artistic friends and colleagues.  In ach talk an IAVA member has invited an artist they admire, for a joint discussion about their artistic practices.  Our first In conversation is Julie Donnelly and Peter Griffen​​ on 24 February 2-3pm.  Free all welcome.​
For full details see Program attached.
IAVA Program of Artists' Talks at the Gallery.pdf